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Zoom is the cloud-based video conferencing tool utilized by PLNU for virtual/online meetings and synchronous class meetings. When an instructor schedules a class meeting (synchronous session, students may access the Zoom meeting through the course within Canvas.

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Zoom.us Training Videos (Live and Recorded options)

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Zoom Breakout Rooms

Training Handouts (files attached):
  • Managing Zoom Breakout Rooms: This handout briefly covers the types of breakout rooms, and how to launch and manage during a meeting.
  • Preassigned Zoom Breakout Rooms: This handout serves as a quick guide – with screenshots – on how to set up a preassigned breakout room and integrate into Canvas.

Zoom.us Breakout Room Tutorials:

  • Zoom Help Guide for Managing Breakout Rooms. This guide will show you images of what the controls look like from the host/instructor meeting view and toolbar. 
  • Zoom Help Guide for Participating in Breaking Rooms. This guide will show you images about what breakout room navigation looks like from the participant/student view.