What is Canvas?

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) currently in use for all classes at PLNU. This includes undergraduate, graduate, and degree completion programs. Canvas can be used for any type of course offering (i.e. face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses). We strongly encourage all instructors to take advantage of the Canvas platform if they are not already doing so.

Canvas Guides

If you are new to using Canvas, you may find the guides below very helpful.

If you need immediate help, please contact us by phone or email.

Canvas Video Tutorials

How to copy content from one Canvas course to another.  

How to create group assignments for students in a Canvas course.  

How to duplicate assignments and their contents in a Canvas course.  

How to assign peer reviews for Canvas submissions/assignments.  

A walkthrough of how to find the Training Services Portal and access Canvas Studio Training.  

How to use the Rich Content Editor in Canvas to record a video.  

How to grade in Canvas SpeedGrader using a Rubric.  

How to use and set up Honorlock for an exam in Canvas.  

How rubrics work with peer review assignments in Canvas. From both a student and instructor point of view.  

How to add comments to someone else’s video in Canvas Studio.  

How to adjust the dates of assignments when importing them into another course.  

How to reassign a student submission, provide students feedback, and view a Turnitin/Grammarly report using enhanced assignments.  

Cross List Description Placeholder  

This video shows a new user how to switch from the old Turnitin Integration to the new Turnitin Integration  

How to edit the Canvas course navigation and add Zoom.  

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