What is Honorlock?

Honorlock provides online proctoring services in order to ensure academic integrity. Students install a Google Chrome extension in order to access Honorlock. Prior to an exam students verify their identity with a photo and student ID. Honorlock uses the student’s computer microphone and webcam to record video of the student as well as their computer screen while they are taking the exam. Honorlock prevents students from accessing the internet from another browser or an external device like their smartphone. After testing is complete, Honorlock displays results videos for the instructor to review. 

Because an integration for Honorlock needs to be set up for your course and there are additional charges to use this tool, please contact Katie Jacobson at katiejacobson@pointloma.edu in the Office of Instructional Technology for more information or to initiate the purchase of Honorlock for your course. 

Below we provide tips for both students and instructors when getting started.

Tips for Students

  • Prior to the exam have the following: government issued photo ID (or student photo ID), working camera and microphone, stable internet connection, and the Google Chrome browser
  • The online testing environment should mimic the ‘in class’ testing environment, and has the following guidelines:
  • Sit at a clean desk or table (not on a bed or couch)
  • Ensure your desk or table is cleared of all other materials.
  • If prompted to do a room scan, be sure to include your work area. Make sure to do a complete 360 degree rotation of your room, then show your work space. Partial scans may be flagged during the proctoring review.
  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged, or keep the charger within arm’s reach.

Student Privacy Statement

How to use Honorlock (Student Guide)

How to complete a Room Scan (Honorlock Student Guide)

For Instructors

  • Setting up a practice quiz with Honorlock is important in order to make sure there aren’t any errors in the test taking process that may be flagged
  • This should be completed around one week prior to the quiz/exam in order to work out any problems that may come up
How to View Honorlock Results